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2301 Rand Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80905

Your Premier Medical Marijuana Dispensary







Best Quality And Service

Premium MEDICAL cannabis products is what we are known for!! Our cannabis is grown organically to provide you the highest quality medicine available. We ALWAYS have a great selection to choose from at a competitive price.

We strive to provide an an excellent experience with professional and knowledgeable Patient Consultants to answer all of your questions.

Please check Weedmaps for our current menu!

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Now Partnering With Doctors of Natural Medicine

Doctors of Natural Medicine – Medical Marijuana Doctor is a premier Medical Marijuana Clinic connecting patients to qualified physicians evaluating them for a Colorado medical marijuana card. Our clinic conducts over 9,000 evaluations per year in the state of Colorado, making us one of the most trusted and experienced clinics in Colorado. "


A Nug of Truth

The power to affect change in the world exists within each one of us. We believe in family and community. We believe in surrounding ourselves with positive influences and people. With these values, we believe our business will bring positive changes to the world.

We have a passion for growing cannabis and providing the highest quality product in flower and edible form. We use the best nutrients available for the well-being of both mind and body.

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