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A bud like no other!

We have a wonderful selection of cannabis products at our MMJ dispensary. We carry an array of flowers, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, infused cannabis products and accessories. From sativas to indicas to hybrids, our medical marijuana dispensary has the perfect strain for you.

Top Quality

Because more choices equal better bud, variety is high on our list.

Best Service

Staff is highly trained and will guide you to the best cannabis products

Convenient Location

Located in Colorado Springs and is worth the drive from surrounding areas.

Best Selection

Because more choices equal better bud, variety is high on our list.


The power to affect change in the world exists within each one of us. We believe in family and community. We believe in surrounding ourselves with positive influences and people. With these values, we believe our business will bring positive changes to the world.

We have a passion for growing cannabis and providing the highest quality product in flower and edible form. We use the best nutrients available for the well-being of both mind and body.

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